“Bridget and the team at The Fusion Partners have become an integral part of our company for marketing and strategic planning. We now have a solid, consistent brand identity throughout our collateral, web and messaging.”


Hospitality Experts

As you would expect from a marketing agency, The Fusion Partners is skilled in business strategy and executing campaigns that make an impact. However, what’s most unique is our deep understanding of the hospitality industry and what it takes for suppliers to stand out from the competition.

Imagine…contacting a marketing team where you can skip over the hospitality tech jargon and get right to the nitty-gritty of where you need help. With The Fusion Partners, there’s no need to explain IoT, PMS, POS or RevPar. We get it. Hospitality has been our niche for 30+ years.

Seasoned Pros

Supported by a team of creative and content experts, TFP provides hands-on experience and clearly communicates your message. Our team will identify strategies to fuel your sales and marketing initiatives by either adding to your existing foundation or starting from the ground up.

How TFP Differs

We are marketing change agents focused on helping clients reach their goals without breaking the bank.

We’ve worked with hospitality technology since the early 90’s – saving our clients valuable explaining time!

We’re often called “Rock Stars” which is not only a compliment, but a major responsibility that we take seriously.

We limit our client base to ensure proactive and flexible service.

We deliver fresh, out-of-the-box ideas backed by crazy work ethic.

We are big-picture thinkers, yet detail obsessed and incredibly organized.

Ignite Your Presense

As your strategic partner, we take time to understand your business and create effective plans that are mindful of your bottom line. We utilize both traditional and innovative techniques to market your brand and stay on top of the latest industry, marketing and technology trends.

Ready to Talk

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