About TFP

The Fusion Partners is an innovative consulting agency with more than 30 years of experience in marketing specifically to the hospitality industry. We provide a variety of services ranging from creating and executing successful marketing strategies to business development, sales guidance, project management and public relations.

As your strategic partner, we take the time to understand your business and create effective plans that are mindful of your bottom line. We utilize both traditional and innovative techniques to market your brand and stay on top of the latest industry, marketing and technology trends.

Meet The Team

We’re often called “Rock Stars” which is not only a compliment, but a major responsibility that we take seriously.

President & CEO


Bridget has a unique blend of supplier, hotelier and F&B experience. Prior to launching TFP, she served as VP of Marketing and Business Development for a number of hospitality technology companies where her contributions led to significant growth.

Lead Designer


Hana is an entrepreneurial spirit with an eye for design and production across multiple disciplines. She is a fanatic for all things ampersand and a sucker for notebooks. Executing brand cohesive projects is her specialty and passion.

Let’s Get Started

The next trade show or VIP customer meeting will be here before you know it…are you ready?